Buried on an island of dead what cannot be found except for those who know where it is. Find it, we did. There be the chest. Inside be the gold. And we took ‘em all. We spent ‘em and traded ‘em and frittered ‘em away on drink and food and pleasurable company. The more we gave ‘em away, the more we came to realize the drink would not satisfy, food turned to ash in our mouths, and all the pleasurable company in the world could not slake our lust…

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Jack was employed into service for the East India Trading Company and was given command of the Wicked Wench. However, after he set free a cargo of slaves, his employer, Cutler Beckett, had Jack branded as a pirate and the Wench set aflame and sunk. After failing to rescue the Wench, Sparrow struck a bargain with the ghostly captain of the Flying Dutchman, Davy Jones, to resurrect his beloved vessel. Jones returned the ship to Jack in near perfect condition except for the permanently charred hull. This prompted Jack to rename her the Black Pearl



danged sympathetic fictional pirates and their refusal to engage in the slave trade, I’ll tell you what. 

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Just look at that fat croissant go


Just look at that fat croissant go

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Bubbles appreciation post (◡‿◡✿)

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Tekkit was what really got me hooked on the Yogscast. All the 
series running together in the same universe dragged me in and
got me invested in everyone. It wasn't just about a Spaceman and a Dwarf anymore. There was a whole cast of characters with
different personalities and stories to tell.

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